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roximity marketing take geographic location as an important factor. In proximity marketing it involves Wi-Fi, gps, Bluetooth or beacons. Now days people are interested in location based marketing…

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Display more personalised messages to users when they enter.


Send some personalized offers as soon customers are


Beacons are most targeted and effective way of proximity mobile

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Brands can target more precise message to the users and can run highly personalized campaigns for your marketing

Proximity Marketing

We help big retailers and brands to use proximity marketing very effectively. We help them to implement a better loyalty campaigns

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We have seen a tremendous growth in our organic downloads after engaging with Vmobify. This is truly a good mobile marketing company.

Jon Tuly

Initial mobile marketing campaigns helped us to get more downloads and active users to our niche app. Also, conversion ratio has increased tremendously.

Robbert barnnet

We have revamped our entire design with their UX audit and it helped us to increase our active users and engagement levels.

Pete Jackson
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If you are looking for the best mobile marketing company in India to help you for your mobile marketing then Vmobify will help you to achieve your mobile marketing goals. We have worked with various startups for their mobile marketing and ASO needs. We continuously work on new strategies and growth methods for mobile marketing to increase downloads, increase user engagement and also retention. Mobile app marketing is a quite complex to do when there is a very narrow targeting available. With a rise of competition it is becoming very difficult to bring the desired results with mobile marketing.Keeping users intact with your mobile app is a challenging task and that's why you need to analyse your every visitor carefully with more proper data analytics. You need to have a proper user onboarding experience for your mobile app users and more easy ways to perform desired operations. We use google adwords, third party mobile ad networks, ASO and website landing pages to promote mobile app. These are basic pillars of mobile marketing to increase downloads. If you are looking for a mobile marketing company in India then contact us today.

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