Strategies To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement Complete Guide

7 Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Engagement

28th May 2018

How can you improve your mobile app engagement?

Increase your mobile app engagement with these best mobile app engagement techniques to let people stay to your app, enhance the user actions and increase purchase or engagement goals.

You have created an awesome mobile app for your users. Its features and functionality are impressive with every click/tap receiving tons of attention while accomplishing a certain task.

Customer engagement begins with your app conception, to design and finally deployment. When you design your app, you put your users’ experiences (and needs) into your coding sphere and hope for the best user engagement.

Ever wonder why some app never gain popularity in the app store?

The real problem lies in these two mistakes:

  • The app is great. Has all the excellent features and functionality to solve a particular task. But the problem? It lacks app store optimization and other marketing strategies that help boost its popularity and downloads.
  • An app is of little or no value to the user. Its functionality is limited and lacks impressive design and other important user engagement strategies that help boost its popularity and downloads. This poor app experience makes your mobile app to uninstall the moment the user finished its first app trial (first experience).

So how can you go about solving those problems? The answer involves two strategies:

  • Performing an extensive app store optimization (ASO) and other strategies to increase your mobile app downloads. This is called crafting a stellar app store listing. A technique that makes your app visitors want to try your app.
  • Improve your mobile app engagement. This is mostly done after you’ve successfully optimized your mobile app store page to drive massive app downloads.

This post is about the actionable strategies app developers can use to maintain those active app download users to keep your mobile app in their smartphones and engage them with seamless app experiences to keep them using your app.

The ultimate goal of every app is to sell something to the user (if it’s a paid app) or engage them with your app experiences. So your target goal is to keep them interested in your app so that they may stay interactive with it on their daily basis.

Mobile App Engagement Process

Mobile app engagement goes through four stages of application cycle- that is – attraction, engagement, monetization, and retention.

mobile app engagement process

Image source: Agilie

Attraction is a process used to fasten customers’ interest in using your app. Take this as ASO for the case of mobile app optimization. The second phase is engagement- which is the most important one. This process tries to devise the best strategies to help you achieve the goals of your app which is a direct goal of monetization and retention.

So here are the best techniques to increase your mobile app engagement.

  1. App Performance and Functionality

The first thing a user tries to understand with your app is its performance and functionality. An app with great functionality with excellent performance get a lot of attention from users.  Coupled with app design and user engagement, your app attracts great user experience which boosts your mobile app popularity and downloads.

As an app developer, bring the best functionality of your app and in every customer lifecycle, try to create a lasting user influence with your app performance and functionality. They’ll appreciate and become your loyal customers.

  1. Your app onboarding process

Now that you’ve attracted many visitors to download your mobile app, how are you going to introduce your app features with easy onboarding process?

Your app onboarding experiences are the first mobile app engagement (through conversation) you have with your users. The goal of this process is to get them into and using your mobile app.

Use your app onboarding engagement to educate them about the benefits of using your app. Leverage custom illustrations instead of a tutorial as this technique work bests when introducing your users into your app.

  1. Engaging Push notification

Sometimes, based on your app category and functionality, it can be hard for users to interact with your app all the time. It can go for a long period of time without being opened and users can easily forget about it or even uninstall completely.

It’s essential to design engaging push notifications about relevant app experiences that draw them back into your app. Push notifications can be a form of encouragement that effectively triggers your app users to open the app. It catches user attention and brings them to accomplish a certain action you intend to achieve.

Tailor customizable app push notifications to make it relevant to the intent app user. For example, you can target your app devices or platforms with users who have achieved or performed a particular app action.

app engagement strategy

Image source: Pulsatehq

  1. Integrate social hooks into your app

Just like how web pages increase its visibility and engagement using social platforms, app users can also be engaged with the same strategy to boost your app user engagement while attracting more downloads.

Most users spend most of their time on social networks. Simulate a strategy to make your app content shareable on major social platforms and encourage your app users to share it. To effectively succeed in this strategy, your app content must be of high-quality (providing usefulness and exciting to the user).

  1. Engage With Videos

What service do your app offers? Videos work pretty well for most of the mobile apps. If your app offers content-based programs, use videos to build a strong emotional response (engagement) with your users.  Videos are far more engaging and are virally gaining popularity. Most app user would love to watch videos on their mobile devices. This response implies that apps with videos in it can attract great user engagement while establishing a lasting relationship with your app brand.

  1. Mobile App Engagement with Deep Linking

Deep linking is a strategy that includes creating links to content within your mobile app. These links can be shared just like webpage content. This form of deep linking has been proven to provide improved user retention and better user experience.

Deep linking can also be used to invite other users to your app or taking them to a specific page within your app. Leverage this strategy in your app development and user engagements this engages your app users to interact with your app more effectively.

Final Thoughts

Creating great user experiences with your mobile app involves detailed app design, functionality, and performance. The design of your app alone plays a major role in how users interact with it. Through your app design process, learn your typical users’ needs and their engagement journey with your app.

Creating an app that users love help boost your app engagement no matter what your app offers. Effectively including easy contact details within your app and targeting them with push notification wisely at the right time boost your mobile app engagement. Use the above strategies and devise other ways depending on your app needs and goals.


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